How to Add a ’Click to Chat on WhatsApp’ Button

Alongside powerful online surveys and forms, AidaForm also allows you to create landing pages and Instagram bio pages that may contain links to other social media websites and messengers. To add a ’Click to Chat in WhatsApp’ button to your form or landing page:

  1. Go to the Form Elements pane and add to your form the Cards filed.
  2. By default, this field adds picture cards. To make your cards look more like buttons, you will need to edit their settings.
  3. Click the cog icon on the field toolbar and open the Cards’ setting area.
  4. Disable images. Set the desired number of columns and remove unwanted default cards.
  5. Change the label of one of the cards to Contact me on WhatsApp.
  6. Select an action for the card to Redirect to URL.
  7. In the URL field, insert the link in the following format:'m%20interested%20in%20your%20car%20for%20sale

Where PHONE is a digit-only full phone number in the international format, e.g. 15551234567, but not +001-(555)1234567, the ‘text’ query parameter includes your pre-filled message. The words in the message are separated with the set of symbols %20.

More detailed instructions on how to use WhatsApp’s Click to Chat feature.

See how WhatsApp’s Click to Chat feature works in the Bio Contact Page With Links to Social Media Template.

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