How to Clean Upload Storage Space

The file upload option is only available to users who have purchased the Expert or a higher tariff plan. The Expert type of account gives you 5GB of space for storing the submitted files. Once the storage gets full, respondents won’t be able to submit files through your forms. To keep collecting responses with file uploads, you need to clean the storage space. In short, you should download the submitted files to your computer and delete the responses from your account. Read the tutorial below to learn how to download files and clean upload storage space.

1. Save Submitted Files

Download a Few Files One by One If you have several important files in your account, you can download them to your computer one by one. To do this, go to the Results section, move to the Responses tab, and open the response with the file you need to save. Locate the File Upload field and click the corresponding link to download the submitted file. If there are several files in one response, click on each of them.

Alternatively, you can download the entire response – just open it in the Responses tab and click the download icon in the top left corner of the interface. Choose the preferred file format (CSV, Excel or PDF) and click the Download button. After the response is downloaded, open it, find the File Upload field and download the submitted file.

Download All Files at Once In case there are lots of submitted files you’d like to keep, you can easily download all the responses containing those files at once. In the Results section, open the Responses tab. Mark the responses you want to download by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes. To mark all of them, click the Mark All checkbox. Then click the download icon right above the list, choose the format for saving, and hit Download. Once the process is complete, you can save the submitted files to your computer. To do this, open the downloaded table and click the links in the Upload File field. The submitted files will open in your web browser. Make sure you save them to your computer before cleaning the storage – once you remove responses from your account, you won’t have access to those files anymore.

2. Remove Responses to Clean Storage Space

When all the important files are saved on your computer, you can safely remove the responses from your AidaForm account to clean the upload storage space. In the Responses tab, mark the responses you want to remove (to mark all responses at once, click the Mark All checkbox above the list), click the Delete icon in the upper left corner of the interface, and confirm the removal. Now that you’ve cleaned the upload storage space, you can keep collecting files through your forms.

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